I look in the mirror… 

“I look in the mirror, all I see is imperfections, I see worthlessness, I see failure.

I look in the mirror and cry because of what I see. I hate my body. I hate myself. 

I look in the mirror and mange to smile a little. For only a bit, but I smiled.

I look in the mirror and notice my sparking eyes. They have seen dark times. Beauty from pain?

I look in the mirror and I see more than just a smile. Now a loving heart and compassion. 

I look in the mirror and I don’t see myself anymore. I see my saviour smiling back at me.”

 This is poem I found one day and I wanted to share it with you. It can be hard to look in the mirror and be happy. It can be hard to love yourself. You love a nights sky filled with stars? You see beauty in a sunset? You can’t help but smile over the fresh bunch of flowers in your house? If you love the things around you why can’t you love yourself.  God placed those stars in the sky. He paints the colours of the horizon. He planted the seed of those flowers. He created you too. Except He thinks you are worth much more than all these things. The spots on your face, He loves them. Your figure, He loves it. Your smile, He loves it. He even loves your smelly feet. When God created the world and everything in it (including us) he saw it and thought that it was good! He sees the things that we can’t see in ourselves.

Honestly, God doesn’t really care how we look. He doesn’t look at outward appearance but He looks at our hearts. Stop worrying about if your eyebrows are on flick or not and start thinking about how your heart looks. 

‘For the Lord sees not as man sees; man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart’

-1 Samuel 16:7

I’m going to finish this with something that find so uplifting. 

‘Do you ever think God gets sad? Like “What do you mean you don’t love yourself, I worked so hard on you”‘.

P.s You are beautiful in your own unique way, even if know no one has told you that before. I’m telling you now. You are beautiful! X


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