I am Growing

It can be so encouraging to see someone grow so much in their faith and it can even inspire you to go deeper in your own relationship with God. Other times it can be a little discouraging meeting someone and seeing how far they’ve come in their journey with God. Especially when you have perhaps been a Christian longer. It can even make you doubt your relationship with God. You might even question God. Why can’t I know you like they know you? Why can’t I pray like them? Why don’t I have the confidence they have? When you face these questions tell yourself this instead; how can I know God better? Everyone prays differently but each way is just as beautiful. The power of prayer is not the one who says it but the one who hears it (God). Ask God to give you the confidence you need. He will provide!! It might take you longer than others to get to where you want to be with God but you will get there. Everyday you are growing. Some days you will experience a huge growth, others might not be as big but just as important. 

A little caterpillar longs to grow into a precious butterfly like his friends. He longs to go to the places they go. He doubts himself. He doesn’t think he has what it takes to be a butterfly. He becomes tired, so he hides himself away in a cocoon. He thinks it’s the end. He thinks his chance to be a butterfly is gone. Many days later the caterpillar awakes and breaks from his cocoon. He notices his beautiful wings. He rejoices and flutters away with the other butterflies. 

Like the caterpillar we too can loose hope in seeing a change in ourselves. Just when the caterpillar was giving up he found his wings. He didn’t grow into that beautiful butterfly in one day. It took time. Although he didn’t know it, that caterpillar was growing everyday into that butterfly. Everyday we too are growing in our faith, we are becoming Christ’s butterflies. The caterpillar was aiming to go to the same places the other butterflies were heading. We are all going on the same journey, fluttering through the race to reach the same destination. Stop comparing and start celebrating how far you have come with God and how you have still to go



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