Have you ever looked back and saw how much God was at work when you thought he was being silent? Sometimes we have to see the outcome of a situation before our eyes can see how much God has been working in the background of our lives.

The summer before I went into fourth year I can remember praying quite a bit for a good friend who would come to su with me. I had always wanted a Christian friend in school as I didn’t have many who lived near by. I needed someone to show me how to live my life boldly for Christ. Someone who would correct me when I was wrong. Someone who would lead me to the cross on my bad days. Someone who would remind me the importance of reading my bible and remaining close to Christ even on the tough days.

As summer was coming closer and closer to an end I started to doubt God and his plan for me. Even more so when school had started and I still found myself with no Christian friends. If I could go back to fourth year and tell myself something I’d remind myself of this verse;

The Lord has heard my plea, the Lord will answer my prayer.

Psalm 6v9

This verse doesn’t tell us when or how God will answer our prayers but it promises that He will always answer prayer. He has heard our struggles, He will always do what’s best for you.

I was studying R.E full course for GCSE so I assumed there would be someone in that class. None of them seemed to have any interest in a relationship with Jesus never mind wanting to come to su with me. But there was a girl in the corner of our class who’s bible knowledge was unreal and I thought to myself maybe just maybe.

One day I happened to end up sitting beside this girl as she was in most of my classes. We ended up talking and I happened to mention a Christian concert I had been at in summer. And this girl tells me “oh yeah they’re so good, I was going to see them with my friend but couldn’t. Have you heard of Hillsong?” I lifted my head and I promise you I think my jaw dropped to the floor. I couldn’t believe I had found someone else in my school who actually knew who rend collective was. Through this conversation I found out that she loved Jesus too and she invited me along to su. She even let me borrow a Hillsong cd. The smallest of gestures can mean the biggest of things to someone.

Me and this girl became best friends. I eventually plucked up the courage to write her a letter and tell her how she had been my answered prayer and believe it or not she had been praying for a friend like me too!!! So don’t loose the faith, God is always working you just might not see it yet. Be bold and tell your friends about Jesus, even if that means talking about that Christian band you like. You never know you might even find yourself a friend like mine.

Till this day this girl is still encouraging me, reminding me to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus through everything, building me up and making me laugh till I cry. When I am wrong she was quick to show me right. She is a light for Christ and definitely brought that light into my life. Zoe Gregg you’re a star!!

A sweet friendship refreshes the soul

-Proverbs 27v9



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