My Little Dandelion

Bursting through the doors, she lets her hair hang loose. So no one will see her face, no one will see her tears and no one will see her pain.

She’s the kind of girl who’s smile could light up an entire room, she has the rosiest of cheeks but past all that is her eyes, eyes filled with suffering. Not just her own but the world’s.

She is delicate like a dandelion, it would only take one blow for her to fall apart. Their words were sharper than they knew. They came out so quick yet they still made a dent. As if someone had kicked the dandelion and it was now on it’s side.


She falls to the floor. She was filled with so many wishes, so many hopes and dreams. Her chest feels tighter now as she tries to take a breath. All she can hear is their words spinning round her head. Her eye catches the sharpener on the desk, she knows what it is capable of. It’ll make it all stop. She takes a step closer, it’s almost as if it’s calling her name. Slowly her hand stretches out to reach for it but she doesn’t.

Her eyes have been drawn to the dusty old book in the corner. The book that once meant so much, that once was her everything.


The dust flies through the air. Randomly she opens up the book at psalm 118. The bright fluorescent highlighted verse reads; “In my distress I prayed to the Lord, and the Lord answered me and set me free.” She falls to the floor just like before except this time she cries out to her Father.


She rises to her feet again. She is no longer alone, she no longer carries her grief but He does. Now just like my precious dandelion she floats through life unfazed by the words of others. All because Jesus carries her.

Our words matter. They have an effect on others, sometimes a good effect but often a not so good effect. Do you still remember that time someone said something hurtful to you? How did it make you feel, do you still feel that way? You could be having that effect on someone. Maybe you think it’s okay because they did a horrible thing to someone else. But we can’t use someone’s past mistakes to excuse our words.

“Gentle words are a tree of life; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.”

Proverbs 15v4

“Kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.”

Proverbs 16v24

It darkens are soul, and can cause us to become negative. Not only does hurting others hurt them but it effects us. We were given a voice to help others grow and not to hide away. So why don’t we strive to encourage, build up others instead of trying to tear them down. Fill their lives with hope. Impact someone, and plant your seeds of kind words. Don’t make it a rare thing, Dandelions are seen in most places and so your caring words should be heard everywhere you go.

Today I challenge you to write out the words that have made their mark on you. Then tear them up or put them in a fire. Let them go, place them at the Father’s feet. Allow Him to free you from this burden you’ve been carrying. Before you speak; ask yourself will this help or harm the individual. Your words matter.



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